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Joga Ambassadors with Jana webbAthletes and active individuals are always looking for ways to become more competitive in their sports and stay injury free – Joga is growing rapidly to respond to this exciting niche, with high-level media support and well-developed relationships with professional sports leagues such as the NHL and CFL.

As a certified Joga teacher you will become a part of the Joga team of instructors that are able to work with both professional and amateur athletes as well as active individuals across all sports and in diverse venues. Working with the Joga team will present new opportunities for teaching and specialization while also connecting you to the teams, athletes and individuals wanting to practice Joga.

Organizations such as the Calgary Stampeders, Toronto Argonauts and the Olympic Men’s Volleyball team have already incorporated the Joga program into their training, and additional opportunities across North America are in various stages of negotiation.

The Joga Ambassador Program

As a Joga ambassador and certified Joga instructor your unique skills, built upon a solid foundation of Yoga teacher training, give you an incredible advantage by allowing you to bring a whole new style of classes to any Yoga studio or fitness facility that you are affiliated with (or applying at!). Incorporating Joga classes into a traditional studio or fitness club’s regular schedule has proven time and again to increase and diversify the clientele and interest of the establishment and provide exciting opportunities for media exposure and attention.

Joga Ambassadors are the front lines whenever Joga training programs expand with professional sports teams and receive ongoing Marketing support and other benefits, including:

  • Teaching Opportunities with professional athletes as they become available in your market. As Joga expands the ambassadors are the first ones given the opportunity to work with our most exciting and high profile clients.
  • Class listings on Joga websites advertising your classes, searchable by region. This ensures that no matter how someone finds out about Joga – whether through a news report, television or radio appearance ambassador’s classes are the first resource they find.
  • A personalized Joga website with your Bio, contact info and class information. You can log in anytime and update your info and classes, all hosting and technical details are taken care of by our web team.
  • Ongoing Support and guidance from Jana and the Joga company. Have questions? Get them answered quickly and efficiently – direct from the source!
  • 1 case (12 Copies) of Joga DVDs (a retail value of $287.88!) per year. You can use these as promotional tools, give them away in draws and at community events or simply sell them in your local market.
  • Wholesale rates for additional Joga DVDs and other merchandise that can then be resold through your practice. The Joga company is currently exploring options for new branded products and is excited to be rolling these out soon!
  • Access to professionally designed Promotional Materials for Joga Classes including Postcards, Flyers, Posters, and website graphics. we take the headache out of promoting by ensuring you have top quality materials available (including printing) at the click of a mouse!
  • Discounts on Level II certification and Sports-Specific Certifications. Upgrade your skills or specialize in Joga movements and techniques that match your clients needs precisely.
  • Additional promotional opportunities as they become available to Joga!

The Joga Ambassador program is subscription based, and costs only $48 per month.

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Joga Ambassador Dues
You can be billed up to $54.24 CAD
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